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The Medicine Man

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When purchasing a Medicine Man headband the style is not selectable. If you make a purchase you will not know what design you have until it arrives in your mailbox.

When you sign up for the waitlist it may take up to 20 minutes to receive a confirmation e mail.

The Medicine Man Hormesis Headband is reversible, complete with one tag on each side. There are no terry cloth sewn on making the Medicine Man optimal for people who want a light feel or like to double band. Each band comes with various color stitching and Hormesis tags (not selectable).

The embroidered symbol signifies that this headband is part of the corresponding set. Each headband is handmade of the finest natural fabric, hand dyed and crafted with care. Hormesis headbands are designed to wear in and season as you gain experience. 

Each headband comes carefully packaged in a reusable box complete with enamel pin and Hormesis bag for storing your headband.