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Double Happiness and Prosperity

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For these two lines we are using the waitlist system with a twist. There will be only one waiting list for all of the available headbands. Therefore you are unable to select a specific one. If you are randomly selected to buy one you will not know which one you got until it shows up in the mail. All random waitlist selections will happen before October 30.

Please only join the waitlist one time. If you are randomly selected from the list you will receive an e mail notifying you that you have access to buy. If you purchase the band without the e mail your order will be canceled. Winners will be selected from the waitlist at random times.

The Double Happiness Denim Headband is reversible, complete with one tag on each side. There are no terry cloth sewn on making the Double Happiness optimal for people who want a light feel or like to double band. Each band comes with various color stitching and Hormesis tag (not selectable).

The Prosperity Denim Series is constructed like our regular headbands complete with terry cloth.

The embroidered symbol signifies that this headband is part of the corresponding set. Each headband is handmade of the finest natural fabric, hand dyed and crafted with care. Hormesis headbands are designed to wear in and season as you gain experience. 

Each headband comes carefully packaged in a reusable box complete with enamel pin and Hormesis bag for storing your headband.