Our Story

Young, energized and confused we started playing paintball in the late 90s. We played for fun at first then we discovered competition. We started a team, we lost at first, then we practiced. We practiced a lot, met friends that liked to practice and play as much as us. Beginning to travel and grow we saw many strange and wonderful places and met thousands of interesting people. We fell in love with the game of paintball. Moving and growing with the game, innovating, creating, teaching and exploring. In 2005 at the height of our tournament success the world pulled us apart as we parted ways. Years later our paths intersected once more for another successful run of tournament wins. Although we begin to transition out of top level competition we still love and believe in the game, still full of fun and excitement everytime we play. 
Style and superstition always held an important place in our ritual and beliefs. Wanting to look good and have the adornments that held importance to us. Weather it be a lucky shirt only for sunday competition or a tattered headband that was worn in enough to prove your experience. We cared deeply for these items as they not only gave us security and confidence, but helped define the style of our generation of players.
Looking through old photo albums and boxes of old gear we stumbled upon some of our old headbands, beat up and faded, but full of memories and magic. As time has passed paintball companies, teams and players have come and gone, but somewhere lives memories, frozen in time, of a game or a move that will be forever unchanged. 
Our motivation is to create a special product that will instill confidence and focus. Something crafted with care and attention out of natural and organic materials. A piece of material to collect memories, the successes and the failures. A reminder that each moment happens only once, embrace it, give your best and leave nothing behind.
We are creating Hormesis headbands for players that are willing to go the distance to accomplish their goals, weather they strive to have fun, win tournaments, bond with a friend or family member, build a team, or capture the rush of the game.
-Oliver Lang and Alex Fraige