The Game

Coin Duel is an ongoing paintball tournament with loose rules, loose format, and fun at its core. The purpose of Coin Duel is to promote interaction between players, embrace the spirit of competition, build a community, and talk some trash.

Pro Players will be issued gold coins that are sequentially numbered. Hormesis will keep a record of who had each numbered coin to start and will include this information on a scoreboard that is publicly viewable HERE. If you win a coin from another player please email the coin number and the name of the new holder of the coin to me and I will add the new name to the lineage of that specific coin and the new holders name (and picture if they choose) will be cemented onto the scoreboard. I encourage pros to play pros within their teams and against other pros at practice and to accept challenges.

Gold Coins: Issued exclusively to pro players for free and should not be bought or sold. Each pro competing in the NXL is issued at least three coins. Below is a list of selected pros that have been encouraged to accept challengers. They are known as the "keepers of the coin".

See Gold Coin Standings

Silver Coins: Can be used to challenge for a gold or silver coin. You can purchase Silver Coins.

Purchase Silver Coins

Black Coins: Are issued to legendary players like Chris Lasoya, Frank Connell etc. Anyone holding a gold coin can challenge for a legendary coin, but the holder of the legendary coin chooses the venue and format exe. In the woods, best of 1, 3, 5, target shooting contest, etc.

See Legend Coin Standings

Keepers of the Coin: are the game's most elite duelmasters. Learn about their tactics and expertise that's led them to glory.

See Keepers of the Coin

If a gold coin changes hands email the new holder's name and date of challenge to and the winners name will be added to the scoreboard.