After storied careers as professional paintball players- at times, the greatest of rivals- it seemed I had lost touch with one of my best friends. When Oliver had retired and moved to Bali, Indonesia, my experience in paintball continued as a founding member and team captain of San Diego Dynasty. I began to grow my family and helped build Field One Paintball. Years passed by… In 2020 we reconnected and decided to start on a new project together. Our project would be called Hormesis Paintball- it was exciting to work side-by-side with Oliver once again.

Through Oliver’s assimilation into his new culture and lifestyle, he shared with me that he had been working with some local sewists to hand craft some beautiful headbands close to his home in Bali. The headbands were constructed from natural fabrics and dyes to create unique and vibrant headgear with character.

Importing the headbands to California allowed me to organize and execute the logistics of bringing these special headbands to the broader paintball audience. Working with Oliver to bring the idea of Hormesis Paintball to reality has been a fun and creative experience that has bridged my paintball past with my current reality. I take great pride that we have made a special product that is all our own, with unique patterns and styles. Headbands have been an important part of our story and we know it is an item that dedicated players hold sacred. Thank you for being one of the first to join us on our journey. As the first run of headbands is very limited we have decided to give our first subscribers a chance to obtain a piece from this premiere collection.

During the past year I was able to reflect on my paintball career and the relationships I have built along the way. This is the first time in over 20 years that I haven’t been traveling with my brothers to compete. The shock of not being able to do what I love with the people I love has been tough, but much like the game of paintball “every disadvantage has an advantage”. In this case I realized how important paintball is to me. This thought along with the fortune of reconnecting with Oliver was a driving factor in my motivation for the creation of Hormesis. As Oliver wanted to get back involved in the paintball community I realized that it is worth holding onto and fighting to be a part of. These ideas have motivated us to begin a facebook community for Hormesis owners, to buy, sell, and trade your headbands. More importantly, we are hopeful that the community will provide a place for people to connect, post pictures and stories, and discuss paintball.