As far back as I remember Ryan has been one of the smoothest and most confident players around. He would always seem to be one move ahead of his opponents on and off the field. He is one of the main reasons Dynasty was created and has committed almost a quarter century to insuring that the team stays relevant. One of the most loyal players around, the fact that Ryan has never switched teams despite being offered big bucks to defect is extremely admirable. Ryan has worn many different hats during his paintball career that is how we came up with the names for his headbands. Each style is named after an attribute or personality trait of Ryan’s. Ryan chose the chain mace as his weapon as a reminder that not only can he play with finesse, but he can run down the field and clobber people as well. Ryan has become one of the best to ever walk through the net and we are honored to create a series of headbands dedicated to his contribution to the sport of Paintball.