For wild times comes wild lines As we have continually explored and pushed boundaries with our 1st year of business or as we like to call it an art project. The theme is to learn and grow, so this like is an ode to reaction and creativity. The Pink dolphins are a very inspiring animal, the nature of dolphins as a mammal is playful and warm hearted, they love people almost as if we were distant brothers. The pink dolphin is also mysterious and is only seen in elusive areas of the Amazon, it is steeped with myth and mystery. And we love myth and mystery at Hormesis. The rabbit is again a playful animal who loves to procreate in ancient times the rabbit was a symbol of fertility and abundance. So this line is a creative version of a double sided crux pattern allowing it to be reversible and worn for the desired color of that day. This is the first time we have done this. It is also followed up with the larger bright and bold new signature +++ tag which don't match but create a powerful effect with a quick glance. So this line should remind you to be playful and create, which is motto embedded in our hearts at Hormesis.

The white rabbit is also borrowed from the classic novel
Alice in wonderland
Another’s connection from our family to the community and beyond.

“Follow the white”