Chris Alnazer has faced challenge after challenge after challenge in his life and it is with zero exaggeration that I say that he overcomes more before breakfast than most of us do all day. Chris has an unbelievable ability to accept whatever new test is before him, put on a smile, and keep moving forward. He is a fierce competitor but also a selfless and humble presence in even the most chaotic situations. He has been an example for me many, many times in both business and in life. Chris is tough. Chris is determined, Chris is brave. But above all else, Chris Alnazer is a friend, and it is my steadfast belief that there is no better teammate, no better ambassador for our sport, and none more worthy of this custom Hormesis headband. It is my hope that the energy of Chris Alnazer’s indomitable mental toughness and love for paintball will find its way to anyone who wears one of his bands. - Levin

Chris has taught the paintball community to not let any of what life throws at you or any obstacles you may face get in the way of your dreams or let anything stop you. Without Chris I don’t think paintball would be the same for me & for that I’m forever grateful. Thank you again for everything you’re doing! -wesley kee