In Greek mythology, Hermes threw his staff between two fighting snakes. The snakes curled them selves around the staff and cease to fight. The staff of Hermes became the symbol known as the Caduceus. The Caduceus has been known to represent many things such as protection for a peaceful messenger holding the staff. It can also symbolize rebirth as the snakes can shed their skin and emerge brand new. I like to compare this one to playing paintball because it is productive to leave the last point or game behind you and emerge with new eyes and a full heart to meet the challenge of the next moment on the field. The Caduceus has been widely adopted as the symbol of healing and medicine*. We are dedicating this release to medical workers and first responders who we admire greatly and truly appreciate their sacrifice and dedication especially during the last year and a half. These headbands are unique, as they are simple in design yet powerful in symbolism.

*The original symbol for medicine and healing is a single snake wrapped around a staff known as the Rod of Asclepius.