One of my friends and proud Hormesis headband owner, Cory, told me he took his new headband out for a day of paintball last weekend. Jokingly, he explained that he “kept getting shot in the head”. I responded accordingly saying, “that one must be faulty”. On the surface, this interaction appeared to be meaningless and funny but upon reflection I couldn’t help but to put it into perspective. To me, this brought the idea that winning, albeit important, in some ways is peripheral to the real reason I play the game. Don’t get me wrong I love to win, but the journey I have been fortunate enough to pursue and the wonderful people I have met along the way are the real victory. Looking back at my life, I remember the great and interesting experiences with my team and times with friends I have met along the way, not so much the wins and losses. Only now do I feel true appreciation for what the game of paintball has given to us. Like many of you, paintball has brought us friendships, travels, laughter, comradery, and community. A week after Cory’s experience Yosh Rau and I joined him and some other locals in some pickup games out at Davis Paintball, Cory didn’t get shot at all.